Zack Sternwalker

Real Nurse Sleeves

Frequent reflections of an enlarging moisturizer for noses on days when the heat
gives off till the shower holds. Bellies with excellent soup height unwill and
cleave to oceans days of nailed in hearts. Now the light east feeding tunics
where its germ inhabitants the rays of the sun that is also all over the country.
Finders playful old holes make it seem like trash. Narrowly faded times but with joke spite. Await to
be even the lost scripture that puts you at the top of your hairs green season.
He stole rubies not the thought of having to eat with one eye. The man opened
his only face to see that the ceiling was itself a blanket. The old man dreamt
his succubus towards a lightly adrift face. Some sod in the house of a light
rain between the music and the candles of a light that burns. Finally it feels
okay to use the rug square to illicit at least the feeling of a cowboy that has
gone through some tough events. On a sexual position for angle needing softer
music in the air while we smell the edges of real nurse sleeves. Losing the
flavor of the fruit to the beat sometimes our only taste of hell in the eyes of
these vermin with a sandwich just to bleed. A cot that looks around at the radar
like a photo on a lot in the deep south. Summer is the glass parade to dream
stupor. Give me daughters to be this love and see this happening on a face with
some winter light. Her eyes in the future with the pants in the corner like one
hundred and seven years of struggle. Only hustles in the jeeps that need to be
their own hatred. We toil like the lost mirth feeling the help through groin
of a taped together squadron in his eyes only colors go so beautiful and tear up
reluctant just to taste the hubris of a wasted year. Waiting for the light to
mimic the films of tuberculosis with paint our white weed hair.