Amy Lawless


I was regaling some new bottom dwellers on the art of the mix tape.
Open with a cup of coffee
then get everyone emotional with some raspberry seltzer.
Segue with some roofies to the short guy, some
organized Cheetos, and then bam! Arcade fire!
This was my c-list material but I had to do something while people got drunker
and I got drunker.
I was emotionally strong:

I made my bed all week; I even took out the garbage once! I even felt bad when my yogurt
container that should have been recycled. "One love one love" said
someone named Marley before he died of foot-to-mouth cancers
like some Yorkshire cow.
I was definitely in good spirits and patient.
Accidentally, this fish I knew who was wearing a mirror on his
forehead (sturgeon-chic I mean surgeon-chick) caught a glance
of himself. Blue sharpie stains started melting down my cheeks.
After all I stopped fucking his son. Accidentally, I still had all the
demarcations of a stomach improved by the seed of a parasite.
Guess I forgot to wash that off in the shower.


A scholar is made alone and sober
like the dying I suppose. I will divert you
from whatever you'd been pursuing--
Money, fame, pussy.
What else could take
the lines drying up the edge of my decapitated food
and make it whole again?
I'm a fake illiterate and the horrible caw
of our state bird makes me uncomfortable.
I don't know grammar, spelling, the sales tax rate,
whether immortality exists, how much the bus costs,
how to lose weight, how to divide a country,
how to bring it together, whether a nickel is made of nickel,
how to divide liver spots and in turn, make them go away,
how to make a poem go da DUM da DUM da DUM

Don't Burden My World

With politics and such
Derrida and then nod off
to such public displays
Hearted, forward, losing
so much untoward anger
This is all a referent
a tab saying
sigh here. An eraser
taking away
taking away don't say it: memorizing
the funny pages together. Memorizing this
crazy method of word
the toons on the radio.
Spill the grandmother
quickly. Spill her
well. Not an iambic
lie about "specialty doctors."
There's something yellow
in the eyes of the content saying
dying too hard.
Pressed on the gum
stop trying too hard
and the pounds of ions and pounded iota
Sprinkles seem to icon myself in the shoes
of an unattractive friend. You're my
attractive friend who is gone now.
What song would make me feel
older now?